F. F. S. Pouch-Packing Machine

Sailent Features :

  • The machine can pack Namkeen, Grains & Pulses, Tea, Sugar, Salt, Masala, Heena, Detergent, Kurkure, Frymes, Chees Ball etc,
  • Form, Fill and Seal machine to pack Spices Free flow powder in laminated Pouch.
  • Simple in design. Operator Friendly.
  • All liquid made of S.S. material. Product contact parts are Aluminum Alloy.
  • Digital temperature controller is used.
  • Equipped with automatic pouch counter to calculate output product.
  • Long life of machine with trouble free and noise free operation.
  • Telescoping Cup Mechanism with Micro adjustment device.
Pouch-Packing Machine

Technical Specifications :

Model No. Application Capacity
JAP-FFS-001 Free Flow Powder & Granules 2gm - 10gm.
JAP-FFS-002 Free Flow Powder & Granules 25gm - 100gm.
JAP-FFS-003 Free Flow Powder & Granules 100gm - 250gm.
JAP-FFS-004 Free Flow Powder & Granules 250gm - 500gm.
JAP-FFS-005 Free Flow Powder & Granules 500gm - 1000gm.
JAP-FFS-006 Gutka, Supari, Dhanadal, Mukhavas, Pan Masala, Silica Gel etc. 2gm - 10gm.
JAP-FFS-007 Namkeen 10gm - 20gm.
JAP-FFS-008 Namkeen 25gm - 100gm.
JAP-FFS-009 Namkeen 100gm - 250gm.
JAP-FFS-010 Namkeen 250gm - 500gm

Note :

You can pack Powder, Granule, Liquid, Paste, Viscous, oily, oil , Laminated material, L.d material, B.O.P.P Material, Edible, Lubricating, Oil, Sea Oil, 2 T Oil, 4 T Oil, Gear Oil, Machine Oil, Engine Oil, Coolen, Sea food, Cashew nuts, Dry fruits, Almonds, Peanuts, Papad, Mathiya, Khakaras, Namkeen, Tea, Coffee, Detergent or milk powder, Lubricant oil, Spice, Solt, Soya milk, Butter-milk, Vanspati ghee, Gutkha, Wet and dry beans, Cumin seeds, Cinammon, Coriander seeds, White pepper, Alum, Fenu greek, Mustard seeds, Cloves, Fennel, Boric, Rock salt, Dry ginger, Myrobalan, Turmeric, Asafetida- Sugar, Wheat, Gram, Rice, Paddy, Tobacco leaf, Pulses, Crisp cake, Millet, Maize, Lentil, Peas, Walnut kernels, Yeast, Organic foods, Processed meat products, Dates, Peanuts, Toffee, Candy, Cheese balls, Chips, Finger chips, Biscuits etc.